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Mountain Lions Drinking

Painting by a famous former Santa Paula artist. Oil on canvas, 24x36. Untitled but shows two mountain lions, a male and a female, drinking water in the mountains. Due to the quality of this painting it was placed in a special frame by the John Nichols Gallery. Dated 1990 when she was living on her ranch on South Mountain Road. She is known for her flowers but this wild animal scene is unique. Awards: First Place in Acrylic painting at Ventura County Fair, 1996 Best of Show Phelps award, Ventura College, 1996 Merit award, Buenaventura Art Association, 1997 First place in oils, Santa Paula Society of the Arts show, 2005 First place, People’s Choice Award, Nederland Art Show, 2004 BIOGRAPHY and recent Article from a Colorado Magazine. Elizabeth Azcárate was born to paint, and her determination to do so has no limit. After earning three college art degree at Ventura College, in California, at the tender age of 72 she finally concluded that it was time for her to make a living out of it. That’s when the already award-winning artist left her farm of 50 years to move to a log cabin outside of Boulder, CO, to support her dream of sharing her love of fine art and skills as a painter and artist. Now, at 76 years young, Azcarate has positioned herself to be a leading artists of California flora and fauna, and attracts collectors from across the U.S. Azcárate has been drawn to painting, she says “I was just born with the skill and passion for painting and art”. Her love for nature is unconditional, she uses art to celebrate the life, colors and beauty of nature. Similar to famed French artist Henri Rousseau who also found his muse within the rural life, Azcarate says “nothing makes me so happy as to observe nature and through my art, leave an indelible impression of what I see.” Now, nestled in the Rocky Mountains and nature’s beauty, is where she finds inspiration and unlimited creativity. In the four years since settling into mountain life, she has painted over 55 paintings, many of which are on display at local retailers as well as her gallery.   Her pieces of art are composed by a riot of bright oil colors. Most of the cold colors are left aside, to leave space for gay, harmonious and bold colors. She says “the colors within nature are easy to notice and will add a summer and happy atmosphere in every room”. Azcárate chuckles “people, at my shows, admit that they tend to feel good around my paintings”. It is like a little piece of nature to hang out in your home.  She uses a multitude of finishes to compose small detailed paintings and big murals, including paintings on gourds, slate, and wooden plaques. She is not afraid to tackle significant pieces; the largest painting ‘Early Colonial California’, a mural that took 14 weeks to complete. As she focuses on expanding her art, her business has also started to grow. She has sold 60 paintings in the last four years. She prides herself on having an attractive alternative to retailers to display from the consistent subjects of local artists who paint the Colorado wilds. she is now counting a certain number of students in her painting classes. Nature is full of colors, diversity, dangers, and surprises. By her realistic paintings, Elizabeth Azcárate captures nature in its fullest form and multiplicity. Not of the Hulu generation, Azcarate says ‘why do we need televisions, when we can have such a beautiful natural show?”   About Elizabeth Azcárate Fine Arts Elizabeth R. Azcárate was born in Connecticut. A practical New Englander, she has never lost her love of four seasons and the vibrant colors of autumn. She also lived in Texas before her family came to California in 1952.  Here, she married and worked as a medical secretary. Elizabeth has enjoyed the rural life, raising animals and taking college classes for 23 years, earning three junior college degrees in the process. In 2002 she earned a Bacherlor of Arts degree, with a concentration in Painting. She moved to Colorado in 2013
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