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Art For Sale > White Ledge Peak, Santa Ana Valley, Near Ojai
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White Ledge Peak, Santa Ana Valley, Near Ojai

Julon Modjeska Moser - Ventura County Artist Painter. Born in Schenectady, NY on Jan. 1, 1900. Julon married Charles Moser and moved to Los Angeles in 1925. Her art studies were at the Choulnard School (LA), UC Berkeley, Scripps College, and with Millard Sheets, Glenn Wessels, and Frank Taylor Bowers. Mrs. Moser was a resident of Ventura from 1939 until her demise on April 18, 1997. Member: Calif. WC Society; Women Painters of the West; Santa Barbara AA. Exh: Women Painters of the West, 1938-44; GGIE, 1939; Oakland Art Gallery, 1949-51; Orange Co. Fair, 1951; Greek Theatre (LA), 1951, 1955 (awards); Pasadena Art Inst., 1951; Laguna Beach AA, 1953. In: Clearwater Museum. WAA; WWAA 1953-62
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